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Super Kids

Volunteer in SuperKids Classroom: This once-a-month position provides the opportunity to serve in our Super Kids program with special needs kids once a month. Training is required with Super Kids Director. 

Buddy: Individuals to serve a special needs kid within a classroom setting, this is a one-on-one serving position. This person will help assit special needs kids as necessary. Will work closely with the Super Kids Director and parents of special needs children to have knowledge of how to serve kids specifically. Training is required with Super Kids Director. 

Substitute: This person will be on call to step in and serve in Super Kids program as needed when a regular serving teacher needs to be out. Opportunities at both 9:00 and 10:45 am. Training is required with Super Kids Director.

Opportunity Details:

Day of the week: Sunday
Role: Behind the Scenes, Large Group Teacher, Upfront
Frequency of serving: Once a month, Weekly