Truth Quest

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Truth Quest

Small Group Leader: Responsible for leading class, and facilitating activities, and discussions. This position does not include teaching a large group lesson. 

Large Group Teacher: Teach large group lessons to all Truth Quest students. We provide lesson prep and notes to help you put together an age-appropriate lesson. Training is provided to equip you before teaching.

Supply Coordinator: Prep Truth Quest teacher bags with any and all supplies needed for the week. This can be done anytime during the week when the church campus is open.

Check-In/Greeter: Welcome families and assist in check-in as needed. Will be trained by Kid Min Ministry Assistant to gain an understanding of Rock database. This is a weekly serving opportunity during Truth Quest. 

Substitute: Be "on call" to step into any age class if the scheduled teacher needs to call out during Truth Quest.

Security: Monitor parents and children to have proper check-in tags before entering the gym area during drop off and pick up. This is a weekly serving opportunity during Truth Quest.

Opportunity Details:

Day of the week: Wednesday
Role: Behind the Scenes, Large Group Teacher, Upfront
Frequency of serving: Once a month, Weekly